Derek Jeter won't ban beards in the Marlins

Althought he was clean shaved during his playing years, Jeter says he's fine with beards

Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter | AP

With a 20 year-long career in the New York Yankees, Derek Jeter now faces a new stage of his baseball life as a CEO of the Miami Marlins. In his new role, Jeter now has to make difficult and sometimes, unpopular decision, like getting rid of some of the Fins' best players.

However, it looks like the future Hall of Famer will be more flexible regarding some issues, like the using of facial hair by his players, as Jeter said during a press conference that "he's fine" if members of the organization want to look beards or moustache.


But the former Yankee also warns the players to not get too carried away:

"You want people to look professional ... I think if you look professional, you act professional, players are individuals, they have their personalities. You want to them to be able to represent themselves and their families and the organization. But you want them to do that in a professional manner."

With the arrival of Don Mattingly as a manager,  imposed a ban on facial hair, but the Marlins decided to lift the prohibition before the start of last season.


This measure intended to emulate the Yankee policy that forbiddens any facial hair besides a moustache. This ban was issued during the 1970's, when then owner George Steinbrenner intended to give the Yankees a more "corporate attitude".