First MLB team receives a training permit

They would be the first to practice together

This may be a harbinger that the 2020 MLB season is closer than ever to start. According to information from Andy Slater of Fox Sports, the Marlins' 40-player roster received permission from his management to return to training at their spring facility in Jupiter, Florida.

Starting tomorrow (Tuesday May 19), players who are part of the roster will be able to use the cages to practice batting, as well as the mounds to throw. However, the clubhouse and the rest of the facilities will remain closed.

It is worth mentioning that according to some rumors, it is seriously contemplated to start the season during the first days of July, tentatively being United States Independence Day (July 4), the Opening Day. However, for the news to become official, MLB, the Players Union and the owners of the teams must reach an agreement that allows the tournament to resume.