Four Yankees Employees Test Positive for Covid-19

Covid-19 outbreak remains unstoppable and has now caught up with the New York Yankees

The Covid-19 resurgence among the major league teams has become the number one threat for the 2020 season rather than the disagreement between owners and players, which has already been in the background. Now, as feared, the New York Yankees have become the latest source of disease infection.

According to information from George A. King III of The New York Post, four employees at the Bronx Bomber's Spring Training facility in Tampa, Florida, have tested positive for Covid-19, with three of them working as staff for the George Steinbrenner Field, while another works with one of the Yankees' minor league teams.

Even before the positive cases were reported, the Bronx team had already made the decision to continue their preseason in New York and indefinitely close their Spring Training complex in Florida, like almost all the teams they have. their camps in the state.

Currently, New York seems to be a safer place to keep players focused, since after being the epicenter of the pandemic in the United States, Governor Andrew Cuomo has authorized that both the Mets and the Yankees can return to their stadiums and take there I finish your preparations.