If the Rays also play in Montreal, where will they play in the postseason?

And other questions that must be resolved before further progress is made in the project

If the Rays also play in Montreal, where will they play in the postseason? AP

If the Rays also play in Montreal, where will they play in the postseason? AP | AP

The Tampa Bay Rays received this Thursday the authorization of major leagues to seek the possibility of playing in two places in a season, with Montreal as the most viable destination so far, there are many doubts as to what could be said experience , that although something risky could work.

The Tampa Bay plaza has always struggled with attendance problems at its stadium, Tropicana Field, which is listed as one of the ugliest in the league, so the Rays management looked for a long time to build a new park, which unfortunately was not given and they extended the Tropicana rent until 2027.

However, plans to be a team of two cities could be beneficial for the franchise, and more so to a city as hungry for baseball as Montreal is. But although everything is heard quite well, there is a doubt that in the MLB releases, the information that has come out and the same team has said What will happen when the team reaches the postseason?

The information only contemplate or mention play the first half of the season in Tampa, while the other will be played in Montral, with the All-Star Game as possible tentative date to mark the division. Insurance in Montreal the assistance will be better from the beginning, since it is a city that has been without baseball for 14 years.

The parameters with which this possible dilemma will be judged are not entirely clear Will it be played in the city where they have had the best record? Where has there been more assistance? One series per square? Should you win the World Series Where will the parade be? These are questions that although some may sound quite frivolous, they have an impact on the entire business and the viability of the project.

Even though the Rays' fans and their market in Tampa are one of the smallest niches of all major leagues, the truth is that the loyal fans they have forged in the 20 years of existence of the franchise will not be taken with joy the possibility of his team playing half of the games in Tampa.

Both places have committed to building two new stadiums to house the team. It is not even known if the team will take different names when changing cities. Will the Tampa and Montreal Rays be? Or will they become the Expos when they play in Canada? Many questions still, and very little certainty.