MLB: Eduardo Rodríguez will not play in 2020 with Red Sox due to heart issue

Unfortunately, Venezuelan starter Eduardo Rodríguez will not be able to play the remainder of the MLB season.

According to Chaim Bloom, baseball director for the Red Sox, starting pitcher Eduardo Rodríguez has unfortunately been totally ruled out to play the remainder of the 2020 season, because in addition to dealing with the coronavirus, the Venezuelan suffers from serious heart problems.

Eduardo Rodríguez will not pitch this season, heart problems have not decreased. We are optimistic that he will fully recover. But he will not play this season.

It was the explanation of the executive, who joined the organization in late October last year. It should be remembered that just a few days ago Rodríguez was diagnosed with an abnormality in his heart called "myocarditis", which was found after undergoing an MRI as a sequel to COVID-19.

According to Johns Hopkins University, myocarditis is an inflammation of the heart muscle that occurs as a result of a viral infection. Inflammation can lead to arrhythmias, cardiomyopathy, or a heart attack.

Certainly this is a difficult situation for us to have Eduardo Rodríguez out. We are monitoring the market and also working with launchers in Pawtucket. We hope Rodríguez is well to launch next year. 

Bloom pointed out after making the sad news known not only to the Boston leadership, but also to baseball fans in general.