MLB: Yankees drop Miguel Andújar from the roster

Yankees manager Aaron Boone has removed Miguel Andújar from the 28-player roster

With the first two weeks of games completed after MLB Opening Day 2020, the rosters of the 30 teams must be reduced from 30 to 28 players as of today (Thursday, August 6).

However, the Yankees not only removed from the roster two players who exceeded the quota required by the League, but three have been sent to the alternate site of the team in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The movement that attracted the most attention was that of the Dominican Miguel Andújar, who seems to have lost the battle with the Colombian Gio Urshela for the ownership of third base. In five games that saw activity and 14 legal at-bats in the batter's box, the Dominican had a single hit, zero RBIs and a very low batting average of .071.

Remember that Aaron Boone, manager of New York, made it clear that the South American would be the one who would defend the anteroom for most of the season, however, he would give Andújar the opportunity to alternate in some games, since the idea was to turn the Quisqueyano into gardener. However, in four games Andújar did not look good patrolling left field, presented serious problems and a fielding percentage of .500.

In addition to Andújar, infielder Thairo Estrada and relief pitcher Nick Nelson were removed from the new 28-player roster. In fact, as of Thursday morning the Bombers' list of active players only features 27 players, so it is expected that Cuban closer Aaroldis Chapman could be the one to be included at the last minute.

This does not mean that Andújar can no longer play with the team, simply for the moment he will not be taken into account by his leader, but in the future he could be added at any time in case any of his teammates suffer an injury or a low game.

Before the 2020 campaign began, the plan was to reduce the lists from 30 to 28 elements in the first two weeks, 15 days later it was expected to make another cut to stay with 26 players until the end of the regular role, however, the rule It was modified due to the Covid-19 problems that have affected mainly two teams on the circuit (Marlins, Cardinals) with cases of players carrying the virus, therefore the clubs will continue to play with 28 men even throughout the postseason.