MLB breaks revenue record in 2018

Money problems? Major Leagues do not have it

Baseball baseball is undoubtedly a huge business, and despite the apparent problems of rating on television and attendance at the stadiums, the "business" part is better than ever for Major League Baseball, and the figures prove it .

According to Maury Brown of Forbes magazine, the Major Leagues have amassed a profit of 10 thousand 300 million dollars during 2018, which meant a growth with respect to 2017, when they were swelled 10 billion to the coffers of Major League Baseball .

According to Brown, this is already 16 consecutive years in which MLB reports growth in its profits, although it reports that growth during this year was less accelerated than during previous years.

Although there was a 4 percent reduction in attendance at the stadiums in 2018 compared to 2017 and the television deals were quite lax, Forbes reports that sponsorships went up, which helped keep growth throughout the season.

Since Bud Selig took over as Major League commissioner in 1992, MLB's earnings have grown 377 percent since then, adjusted for inflation.