Max Scherzer: 'There is no reason to commit to MLB in any other pay cut'

The ‘ace’ of the Nationals responded strongly to the proposal launched by MLB a few days ago

Max Scherzer, one of the heaviest representatives in the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA), issued a brief statement Wednesday night in response to the plans MLB sent to the Union last Tuesday proposing a new salary structure for this 2020.

Despite the fact that last March both parties had agreed to pay pro-rated salaries to players, MLB wants to further reduce players' salaries, with the highest paid players in the League being the most affected.

After discussing the latest developments with the rest of the players, there is no reason to commit to MLB on any further compensation reductions. We have previously negotiated a pay cut on the prorated wage version, and there is no justification for accepting a second pay cut based on current information the union has received. I am glad to hear that other players express the same point of view and I think MLB's economic strategy would change completely if all the documentation were to become public information.

It was the statement that Max Scherzer released through his social networks, who in addition to transparency, asked the owners of the teams to openly show all the documentation of income of each one of them, because according to the 'ace' of the Nationals, thus The MLB perspective could change regarding its salary proposals with the players in this 2020.

According to ESPN sources, MLBPA is preparing a counterproposal to the League that includes a season of 100 or more games and a guarantee of full prorated wages for this season. The document could be sent no later than this weekend.