Max Scherzer believes that the owners are 'poisoning' MLB with their stinginess

Strong words from the starter

In these days, the conversation has gone from the rumors in free agency to the complaints of players for the recent reluctance of the owners of major leagues to offer no longer lucrative contracts, but work to the more than one hundred players who remain unemployed in these moments, when Spring Training has already started.

For one of the best big league pitchers like Max Scherzer, the owners of Major League Baseball are being toxic to the league environment in their refusal to sign free agents throughout this offseason, Mad Max told the Washington Post. :

When there are many teams trying not to win that poison the game and the experience of the fanatic. I feel that the teams are negotiating through the media. For me, that is one of the keys in the reason why we are seeing a market slower than usual. We know all the intentions of each team. It is something that other leagues consider manipulation, and it does not tolerate it.

Scherzer's voice is one that executives and executives throughout the league should listen very attentively, being one of the most important players today, in addition to another veteran with voice and vote how is Adam Wainwright of the Cardinals de San Luis, warning of a possible strike