Roberto Osuna reveals more about José Altuve's controversial tattoo

Osuna clarified what really happened that day of Altuve's game winning homer against Chapman

After the elimination of the New York Yankees at the hands of the Astros in last year's American League Championship Series, and following the accusation of cheating and theft of signals against the Houston organization, a strong rumor of that the Venezuelan José Altuve was one of the players who used "vibrators" or also known as "buzzers" attached to the body, whose devices were those that warned the batter of the type of pitching that the rival pitchers sent.

The controversy exploded when after that Altuve home run over Chapman in SCLA Game 6 that he eliminated and left lying on the Minute Maid Park ground to the Yankees, the Venezuelan did not allow himself to remove his shirt, many assured that it was out of fear to be discovered that he owned “buzzers”. However, his teammate Roberto Osuna clarified that it was because of a tattoo that second baseman did not want to show in public.

Altuve is a low profile person, very reserved. When I got this tattoo (pointing to his left forearm) in San Francisco, he got one of his daughter's here (pointing to the left clavicle), but he doesn't like it to come to light.

In fact, “Chufito” assured Javier 'Bambino' Sedano, with whom he held an online interview for El Jonronero, that during an Astros flight, after his home run against Cuban Aroldis Chapman, Altuve indicated to his teammates that he had tattooed his daughter's name and for no reason wanted to show it on camera.

Altuve had days with the tattoo, so if you start to see blood it sticks to your shirt and when you take it off you may get a piece of the tattoo.