Roberto Osuna struggling with mental health during COVID-19 quarantine

Being home all day is starting to take its toll on the closer

Roberto Osuna, closer for the Houston Astros, chatted via Facebook with journalist Javier ‘Bambino’ Sedano of El Jonronero. For just over an hour, the right hander spoke about baseball, his current team, as well as various personal issues, especially his mental health

Osuna confessed that during the confinement due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the positive thing is that he is enjoying more the company of his family, however he also mentioned that he has battled enormous things in the mental health aspect, because he is not used to staying isolated for long periods.

I have struggled a little mentally because I'm not used to being locked up at home every day, it is more difficult to train, we do it an hour or two a day

Even Osuna revealed that due to the stress caused by the confinement, he has suffered from various problems such as insomnia,

For a period of two weeks I could not sleep, I ate very little, I had anxiety problems. Like, not doing anything baseball hit me.

The anxiety was so great that the 25-year-old Mexican closer felt that he even had to be helped by his mother to get out of that problem and even went to church.

I talked to my mom, she helped me, she took me to church with a Father, I confessed. It is very difficult because you do not know how to act.

It is worth mentioning that Roberto Osuna had serious problems with his anxiety and mental health in 2017. The right hander didn't pitch for a few days and later revealed he "didn't feel like himself, he felt lost" to reporters.