Robot umpires were used for the first time in independent league

The future is now for baseball

The future of Major League Baseball is already here, as the use of robotic umpires was used for the first time in a professional ball game in the independent league, Atlantic League, which has served as a guinea pig for MLB experiments.

According to information from ESPN and The Washington Post, in the All-Star Game of the Atlantic League TrackMan software was used, which verifies if the pitches are strikes or balls. The software is connected to an iPhone that the home umpire owns and communicates through headphones.

However, the umpire's job is not only to repeat what the system says it is or is not, since the official has the final say in deciding whether the software made the right decision under his judgment.

Although the experience for the umpire was satisfactory, since he normally agreed with what Trackman scored, the players did feel the difference between a "human" match and another with robotic assistance, since they mentioned that the strike zone It was a little wider in its corners.