Ryan Braun changed his swing thanks to Cody Bellinger

The outfielder saw an analysis of Bellinger's swing and made his changes

For 20 years, apart from a change here and there, which included an effort last winter to generate more home runs, Ryan Braun has had the same batting movement throughout his career. This year, mid-season, the gardener has decided to make a drastic change to his swing for the first time in his career and if it works, he will have to thank Cody Bellinger, the Dodgers hitter.

Braun has been following Bellinger's career closely since 2017 when he became MVP, 2018 when he had a huge downturn and this 2019 when he is undoubtedly the MVP of the entire MLB, at least so far.

In early July, Braun saw a segment on the MLB Network that analyzed Bellinger's swing and decided that he could do something similar with his batting motion.

"What really put the thought in my head is that I saw a demonstration they were doing on the MLB Network about Cody Bellinger and his bat, and where he was starting the angle of his bat in his position in '17 when it was really good, in '18 when it was not so good, and this year when it was incredible. They were showing how their bat was flatter. "

The next day Braun started making the change and there were not as many problems as I thought.

"I was like, 'Why don't I try?" I put my hands there and felt really good. It puts me in a better position, before, for the position I am trying to reach. Obviously, it's very different [from its traditional posture], but it felt really good. I arrive in the area faster and easier. We'll see what happens."

Since his change, Braun has had good results, since in his last 7 games he is hitting .304 with 7 hits including 2 homers, compared to an average of .277 so far this season.

Where he has shown the most improvement is his PAHO, as an average of .803 to 1,042 and that is in the vicinity of what Bellinger has done with 1,124 this year.