Security video leaked from the moment they shot David Ortíz

Big Papi was attacked in a bar in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has been shocked and shocked after reports surfaced that former Red Sox baseball player and future Hall of Famer David Ortiz would have been the victim of an attempted robbery and wounded by a bullet. in a bar in Santo Domingo.

Authorities have already arrested the perpetrator of the attack on Big Papi, and journalist Anaridis Rodríguez of CBS Boston News has leaked the security video of the bar at the time that David Ortiz was attacked by the assailant.

In the video you can see the former player wearing a shirt with design and white pants, and although the image is very dense, you see people hearing terrified of the place after you hear the bullets detonations of the perpetrator on the Big daddy

There are versions that indicate that David Ortíz was injured by a bullet in the leg, but there are others who say that the bullet hit him in the back and went out through the abdomen. So far, there have been no official medical reports on his health status, but extra official reports indicate that Ortíz is stable and requires blood type B + donors.