Slow motion angle shows that collision between Jonathan Lucroy and Jake Marisnick was not intentional?

The video plus Jake Marisnick's explanation could clarify the situation

The collision at home between Jake Marisnick and Jonathan Lucroy where the Angels catcher ended up knocked out and had to leave the game has divided opinions on whether the play was clean or dirty.

Yadier Molina and Astros players put up a great Instagram debate about the play and Marisnick himself posted his explanation of what happened on the play, at least through his eyes.

After seeing the explanation of Marisnick we took the time to see shots of the crash and we realized that when you see the play in real time it is very easy to think that the play was dirty, but in slow motion things change.

Marisnick indicated in his explanation that he decided to try to slide on the inside of the line because he thought the throw would take Lucroy to the outside, when he made the decision Lucroy was moving back but then moved to the same side as him and there was really nothing he could do.

When you see a particular camera angle in slow motion you see how Marisnick takes the first step and at that moment it seems that Lucroy is going back, but just after that he changes direction towards the same side where the Astros player was going. Because of this Marisnick only had one step to change his direction, which of course was not enough time.

Here is the slow motion angle that demonstrates Marisnick's explanation:

You can definitely see what Marisnick explained, but it will it be enough to change the opinion of someone like Yadier Molina and MLB so that no action is taken against the Astros player.