Teams and players believe MLB safety protocols are 'exaggerated'

Team executives and players agree with how restrictive the proposal looks

According to information revealed by Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, it has not only been the players who have complained about the proposed security protocols that MLB has in mind to implement during the 2020 season, but also several executives of the teams that They make up the league agree with the players that the measures are somewhat 'exaggerated'.

According to the prestigious columnist, an operations president who remained anonymous, confessed to him that the protocols suggested by the agency are far above reality, and therefore, he believes that it is very likely that the draft sent to the Players Association Major League Baseball (MLBPA) will ultimately look very different from the original.

That document will look very different after comments from the teams, the Players Association and the players.

It is worth mentioning that MLB remains firm in prohibiting activities that it considers to be contagion threats between players, among them it wants to avoid spitting during a game, not greeting each other and not using the stadium showers after games. In response, to avoid the risk of contracting coronavirus, several players simply suggest the use of masks as well as constant hand washing.

However, the main obstacle that has prevented the agreement to resume the season is the economic issue, in which MLB and the Union have not agreed while both parties are in a stretch and slack.