The story of the Yankees' new rookie, Thairo Estrada

The Yankees' prospect was a victim of Venezuela's crime

They say that the opportunities when they arrive must be taken advantage of and that is the panorama that represents the great opportunity that the prospect of the Yankees, Thairo Estrada, has just received.

The 23-year-old Estrada, considered the No. 19 prospect of the Yankees' organization, was called from Triple-A to take the place on the 25-man roster by Troy Tulowitzki who suffers from a calf injury and is expected to make his premiere at the home of the Baltimore Orioles.

However, the story of the native infielder of Venezuela is one of those that mark you in the deepest and shows you that everything in this life can be achieved if you want it.

The story starts during the low season of 2018 when Estrada was shot in Bejuma, Venezuela where he almost lost his life at the hands of the Mafia, during a failed robbery that affected him both personally and sports.

For months he played with a bullet in the hip which limited his playing time in the minors. However, when he had the opportunity to return to baseball activities, a back injury left him out for the rest of the season after playing 18 games.

The prospector was signed by the Yankees in 2012 for $ 49 thousand dollars and with his next debut he will become a Venezuelan in the majors. During this 2019 in the Grapefuit League the infielder hits for .267 with OPS of .805.

Estrada has the ability to play shortstop and second base. However, his defensive abilities and instincts are what most distinguish his game. In addition to being a shortstop by nature, he can play second base and third base almost naturally as well as if athletics gives him a chance to win a place in the gardens.

It is expected Estrada who will wear the # 30 with the Yanks, divide playing time with his compatriot Gleyber Torres who would be a great help for a quick adaptation.