This is how the Yankees reacted after Tanaka was hit in the head by Stanton liner

Yankees pitcher failed to cover himself from a fiery line drive from Giancarlo Stanton

The New York Yankees seem to need a cleanup urgently, as another one of their players fell victim to an injury and this time it was pitcher Masahiro Tanaka with a ball to the head that will surely miss much of the season.

It was during Yankees practice that when Tanaka faced Giancarlo Stanton, the home runner connected a blazing line directly to the Japanese's head.

The first video of the hit looks gruesome.

The second where you hear the blow and the reaction of his entire team is absolutely creepy.

Here's the video:


Stanton was one of the first to be destroyed by what had happened, putting his head in his arms without wanting to see what was happening.

The Yankees' outfielder and hitter knows what a head shot is like, as he received one a few years ago that left him out at the end of the season with a broken jaw.

At the moment the damage caused by the ball is not completely known. Tanaka was able to walk off the field with the help of the trainers, but we will surely not see right-hander Tanaka for the start of the season.