Triple-A homers have increased since they use the same balls as in MLB

This could be the data that confirms if they are juiced or not

During this start of the season, several pitchers have already raised their voices to ensure that MLB finally admits that they are using trick balls, which has increased in a large number the number of home runs that have been stuck per season for some years now. which has led to the breaking of several records of homers.

MLB has refrained from commenting despite the statements of the pitchers, but perhaps the most undeniable proof that in fact, the balls are altered, is the number of home runs that are connecting in Triple A since they are using the same balls that are played in the Major Leagues.

According to an investigation by Erick Olson of The Associated Press, currently 26 of the 30 teams of Triple A are in pace to exceed the number of homers that they hit last season. It is not a coincidence that this is the first year that this league is using the same model of balls that are used in The Majors.

For the 11 of May of this year, in Triple A 1,359 quadrangulaes have been connected, an increase of 65 percent in relation to the hit homers until that same date in 2018, where 825 homers were connected, according to official figures of Major League Baseball.

The average number of homers per game is now 1.29, while in 2018, the average was around .087.