Tyler Skaggs had the 'best year so far' before passing away

The world of baseball is still in mourning

The death of Tyler Skaggs was another blow to the sport and especially to baseball in MLB.

So far it is unknown why the Los Angeles Angels pitcher died, however, Texas authorities are investigating every detail where everything indicates, that there may be the possibility that the cause of his death has been natural form.

Despite his departure leaves a very deep hole in each of us lovers of the ball that once again we witness losing another great talent, and especially a young man with too much future.

Skaggs was a pitcher for seven seasons in the majors, debuted in the 2012 season as a player of the Arizona Diamondbacks. In his rookie season, he recorded a total of 6 starts with a 5.33 ERA.

For the next season (2013) the situation did not change much for the lefty then 22 years old, he registered a participation of seven starts with a record of 2 wins with 3 losses and a 5.12 ERA. Later in the winter of that same season, the Diamondbacks decided to put the pitcher as part of the package by Mark Trumbo. In the same transaction the left-handed Héctor Santiago was included.

Already as a player of the Angels, the southpaw had greater participation, especially as a starter where he already managed to overcome his own personal record by appearing on the hill on 18 occasions. In the next campaigns his participation was regular because the injuries affected his form and game, leading him to lose much of the campaign.

However, his best participation in the "Big Show" came in 2018, where he recorded his best effectiveness so far (4.02) as well as launching 24 starts and 125 innings, but, beyond his performance in the Major Leagues, which marked the 2018 for Skaggs was the moment when he said "I do" to the love of his life when he married his wife Carli. This event made him public on his Instagram account, where he himself made it clear that his best year was captured at that time.

Different reports indicate that the results of the autopsy of the now legend of the Angels will be known until the month of October. While for the Angels the show must continue and although the blow is hard, they will have to face it and continue the season with their hearts in their hands, but always with the memory of what was Skaggs in the clubhouse, a great teammate, friend and player.