VIDEO | Andrew McCutchen jumps clear over the catcher trying to avoid the tag

The Pirates outfielder showed off his athleticism

Andrew McCutchen

Andrew McCutchen | Getty Images

The Pirates are sometimes the beneficiaries of some very inventive baserunning by some of their players, most notably Josh Harrison  and his stop-and-start creativity . The Pirates beat the Marlins, 3-1 , on Sunday afternoon at PNC Park, and they nearly had at least a fourth run thanks to Andrew McCutchen. 

With Pittsburgh up, 3-0, in the bottom of the sixth and the bases loaded, John Jaso  chopped a grounder to first. Tyler Moore stepped on first and then fired home to retire McCutchen, who was chugging homeward from third base, but then ... this happened: 

That's a strong effort to avoid the tag, and even though catcher J.T. Realmuto  tagged McCutchen out to complete the double play, it's worth a closer look since he caught so much air.

Wow. What was McCutchen's thought process behind that decision as it developed, you might ask? As he told's Adam Berry after the game, it was more of a reactionary move than anything else: 

"I don't know. Just lucky I didn't get hurt. Just lucky I didn't get hurt. I tried to process the play. Good throw, he's going to turn and be here, and I'll be over him. I don't know. I'm lucky I didn't hurt myself."

Here's the complete video:

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