Yankees: Aaron Judge made a change to uniform to not get bad strike calls

The Yankees outfielder made the change so he will stop scoring strikes outside the area

Aaron Judge is one of the most powerful hitters in all the major leagues, but lately the ampayers have been "stabbing" the Yankee batter so much that he had to make a change to his uniform so they wouldn't strike him out of the zone. strike.

Yankees outfielder Judge had realized that ampayers were marking strikes outside the area at the bottom and on Friday after being struck out by a bad pitching, he decided to raise his pants over his knee.

That gave an excuse less to the ampayer to mark a throw that is ball down the knee and it worked.

On his next turn, Judge hit a home run for the Yankees:

The change in his uniform removed one more weapon from the Rockies pitching and thus caused the error that Judge took advantage of to connect the whole lap back.

Sure we will see Judge using more this technique so that no wrong strikes are marked.